The Fetish Files



by Peter Felix Kurtz featuring Mistress Hannah Price

an SPI Media Entertainment production

The Fetish Files DVD series includes fetish, latex, rubber, femdom, female domination, mistresses, slaves, girl-girl, BDSM, CP, spanking, bondage, strapons, tease and denial, forced to cum, ruined orgasms, CBT, smoking, hoods, catsuits, high heels, stilettos, boots, dungeon, medical, clinic, hospital, bunker, cellar, mansion, countryside, urban, domestic discipline

Join us on a fetish journey, where fantasy becomes reality. Mistress Hannah Price welcomes you to her world of real-life fetish and female domination. No agency models: just real, genuine, authentic fetishists who live this lifestyle 24/7. Seen through the experienced lens of world-renowned fetish photographer, Peter Felix Kurtz.

Peter Felix Kurtz is a long-established and internationally renowned photographer and film-maker, specializing in stylish and provocative fetish and BDSM images and video. For more than two decades, he has worked with dominatrices, models, fashion designers, equipment manufacturers, and those who live this alternative lifestyle. His work is regularly exhibited internationally, and has been shown in galleries and exhibitions in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA. His images are sold worldwide, and frequently featured in books, magazines, catalogues, websites, and advertisements. He is the official media sponsor of London Fetish Weekend, and provides the video-wall for German Fetish Ball.

Mistress Hannah Price is an internationally renowned fetish model and vastly experienced dominatrix. As a fetish model, Mistress Hannah has appeared in (and on the covers of) countless magazines, books, films, websites, advertisements, catalogues, and flyers. Mistress Hannah has starred in over 400 fetish and BDSM films, both internet-media and DVD releases. As an internationally respected domme, Mistress Hannah has an inexhaustible passion, wide experience, and thorough knowledge of fetish and BDSM. Mistress Hannah has sessioned alongside famous dommes from around the world, and has particular obsessions for latex, hoods, heavy rubber, strap-ons, high heels, bondage, chastity, verbal and physical humiliation, psychological and financial domination, corporal punishment, and single-tail whips, to name but a few.

The Fetish Files DVD series

The Fetish Files

Peter Felix Kurtz
Series Producer
Bert Wibo
Mistress Hannah Price
Original Music
The Kingdom of Love

The Fetish Files on DVD

DVD box - front covers
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The Fetish Files #9<br>An entire DVD devoted to cigar smoking and fine living – mansions, cocktail bars, rare cigars, vintage whiskeys and cognacs, and even a 1936 Rolls Royce – welcome to the world of Mistress Hannah Price! The Fetish Files brings you a selection of opulent scenes dedicated to Mistress Hannah and her girlfriends smoking vintage cigars, drinking fine spirits and cocktails, always dressed in latex rubber, and using slaves as ashtrays and lighters. No agency models – just real, genuine, authentic fetishists who live this lifestyle 24/7, seen through the experienced lens of world-renowned fetish photographer, Peter Felix Kurtz. | :: Mistress Hannah stops her 1936 Rolls Royce coupé to enjoy her one of her favourite Dominican Churchill cigars, at an aggregate works on Lake Constance in Germany. | :: In an atmospheric blue-lit bar, Mistress Hannah and Natalie smoke a Toro cigar, whilst drinking Cognac, sensually kissing, and stroking each others latex dresses and nylon pantyhosed legs. | :: At her secret country mansion, Mistress Hannah uses two of her rubber-slaves as cigar-lighter and ashtray. | :: Mistress Hannah and Jewell Marceau visit a bar, where they enjoy cocktails and share a cigar, whilst making the barman and TV waitress suitably uncomfortable. | :: Wearing a latex catsuit and cat-hood, Mistress Hannah enjoys a Davidoff Churchill cigar, whilst drinking a fabulous 1967 Glen Ord single-malt scotch whiskey. | :: Mistress Hannah sits on her Mistress Chair nonchalantly smoking a Dominican Toro cigar in the red-lit white-dungeon. | :: INCLUDES FREE BONUS SCENE FROM TFF#5 – Mistress Hannah smokes a Cuban Churchill cigar, using a naked slave as lighter and ashtray. The slave was specially chosen by Mistress Hannah as he has a strong aversion to cigar smoke, piquing Mistress Hannah's enjoyment even more!
The Fetish Files #8<br>:: Mistress Hannah takes a new slave: spanking, flogging, and cropping him. | :: Nirvana Vixen joins Mistress Hannah and ties up her slave's cock in rough string bondage.
:: Mistress Hannah paces around the derelict swimming pool. | :: After nipple clamps and cock torture with a pin wheel, Mistress Hannah's slave is forced to cum.
:: Mistress Hannah relaxes in the outdoor swimming pool on a hot summer's day… dressed head to toe in latex, of course! | :: Nirvana Vixen has a new slave boyfriend. Mistress Hannah is not happy as she wants her girlfriend all to herself. The unfortunate slave is secured in bondage and forced to watch whilst Mistress Hannah makes him a cuckold. Turning their attentions to the hapless slave, the two Mistresses edge him until he can take no more. He is rewarded by being allowed to jerk himself off, whilst his two cruel Mistresses laugh at him.
The Fetish Files #7<br>:: Adreena is locked in a human-sized bird-cage. Mistress Hannah & Natalie taunt her with their huge strapons, before making her suck them like a slut. | :: Shot on location at Fetters, probably the world's leading manufacturer of bondage equipment, Mistress Hannah uses Tallulah Tease. After releasing Tallulah from a cage, Mistress Hannah fucks her on a bondage swing, then straps her to a gyno-chair before fucking her some more. | :: Mistress Hannah borrows Lady Louella's dungeon for the day, where she and Natalie can tease Adreena to their hearts content. After some sensual spanking and flogging, Adreena is forced to orgasm. | :: Natalie should be working in the FetishFoto office. However, she is soon browsing porn and jerking her big black strapon like a horny guy. Mistress Hannah catches her at it and reprimands her wayward rubber cock. | :: Sexy clinic nurses, Adreena and Natalie, can't wait to get their hands on each other when Mistress Hannah leaves the room. However, the action continues once Mistress Hannah returns.
The Fetish Files #6<br>:: Mistress Hannah walks the corridors of her underground bunker, dressed head-to-toe in latex and gasmask. | :: Mistress Hannah takes Adreena on a shopping trip to Breathless [breathless.uk.com] in London. After trying on a couple of outfits, Mistress Hannah makes her girlfriend suck her strapon in the changing room. | :: Mistress Hannah and Mistress Salvia put pony-boy, Little Muffin, through his paces on a country estate. | :: Deep in the bluebell wood, Mistress Hannah and Mistress Salvia tease each other dressed in latex. | :: Mistress Hannah and Rubber Sister, Jacline, finish getting dressed in layers of latex. Mistress Hannah then demands an orgasm from Jacline. | :: Driving through the German countryside, Mistress Hannah and Jacline spot Monica walking in the woods, and decide to abduct her. Inspecting Monica's shopping basket, they find some interesting vegetables, which they decide could be put to good use! Back in their secret lair, the two kinky latex girls use and abuse their captive rubber doll.
The Fetish Files #5<br>:: Mistress Hannah receives some foot worship from one of her slaves. After teasing his cock with her stockinged feet, she allows him to pleasure himself until he cums on her shiny stiletto heels. Lucky slave! | :: Every new TV maid goes through a rigorous training period before Mistress Hannah allows them to serve at her parties. This new maid is typically clumbsy, which inevitably leads to a spanking and flogging. Mistress Hannah then initiates this new maid by fucking her with a huge strapon. | :: Britney seems always to be visiting the head mistress. However, Mistress Hannah knows how to deal with this problem TV schoolgirl… with ruler, cane, and strapon! | :: Mistress Hannah loves to smoke fine cigars, especially when using a slave as her lighter and ashtray. | :: Mistress Hannah and Mistress Amrita use their TV maid, Britney, in the dungeon. First, the Mistresses shine each others latex catsuits. Then they put Britney, who is locked securely in chastity, over the whipping bench and beat her with various implements, which is followed by strapon sucking and a strapon spitroast.
The Fetish Files #4<br>:: Mistress Hannah is served lunch by her latex maid Lucy. Whilst Lucy licks up the spilled wine, Mistress Hannah spanks her. Mistress Hannah then leads Lucy upstairs to test her new fucking machine. | :: Whilst slave-sitting for Mistress Lubyanka, Mistress Hannah keeps Slave#L in check by flogging and whipping him. |:: Mistress Hannah decides that Rubber Ivy needs a clinical treatment, which includes clamps and a dildo, and ends with a forced orgasm on the gyno chair. |:: Lady FetishDea welcomes Mistress Hannah to Italy, where they play with their slaves in an atmospheric nightclub. After forcing her slave to crawl on hands-and-knees, Lady FetishDea blows smoke in his face. |:: Mistress Hannah uses her favourite dungeon sluts, Jody and Jonnie, as rubber dolls for her amusement. | :: With Tallulah Tease in the bondage chair, Mistress Hannah brings her to orgasm using the electric wand.
The Fetish Files #3<br>:: When fetish-cop Adreena bursts into the dungeon, Mistress Hannah is initially startled and complies to an impromptu frisking. However, Mistress Hannah quickly takes control, bending the rookie cop to her will. The tempo increases as Mistress Hannah introduces the electric wand and, with Adreena unable to take anymore, she brings herself to a huge orgasm. | :: With her latex gimp securely tied, Mistress Hannah plays with her gummi girlfriend Lucy. After forcing Lucy to suck a huge strapon, Mistress Hannah unties her gimp so that the two of them can spitroast Lucy.
:: After 45 days in chastity, Mistress Hannah allows her chastity slave to cum. But he must cum exactly on command at the end Mistress Hannah's countdown. | :: Mistress Hannah and Mistress Amrita tie Amelia to the gyno-chair. Once securely in rope bondage, Amelia is sensually teased and forced to orgasm by the two Mistreses using the electric wand. | :: Mistress Hannah and Rubber Ivy use Holly Dolly as their rubber maid in the white dungeon.
The Fetish Files #2<br>:: Mistress Hannah chains Lucy to the Y-Frame and sensually teases her. Afterwhich, she chains her to the gyno-chair for a series of enforced orgasms using the electric-wand. | :: Despite owning fully-equipped dungeons, Mistress Hannah decides to be inventive with the builder, using his own tools and equipment in ways that were certainly not intended! She suffocates him by face sitting, chains him to his ladder, hangs a paint tin from his cock-and-balls, writes slave in paint across his chest, then spanks him over his portable workbench with a trowel and a spirit-level. | :: Mistress Hannah uses Tallulah Tease on the Y-Frame, spanking and clamping her, then fucking her with different sized strapons, in this intense, erotic, and sensual session with both Mistress and slavegirl seemingly oblivious to the camera's presence. | :: Mistress Hannah and her submissive girlfriend, Saffy, have shiny latex fun in the wetroom. Once the girls have got themselves hot and horny, they cool off by drenching each other with real champagne.
The Fetish Files #1<br>:: Mistress Hannah cuffs and chains Tallulah Tease, alternately spanking then pleasuring her. After clamping her slut, Mistress Hannah introduces her big black strapon. | :: Mistress Hannah and Stella Van Gent force slave#7 to conduct some hard labour. But why must he perform these pointless tasks? It doesn't matter, as these two cruel bitches don't care! Shot in a WWII German Army Command Post – a secret underground bunker. | :: Mistress Lubyanka goes on vacation, leaving her slave with Mistress Hannah. If slave#L thinks he will have an easy time, he is soon proved wrong to Mistress Hannah's bizarre amusement. | :: A submissive couple apply to serve Mistress Hannah. After using each of them in turn, whilst the other partner is restrained and forced to watch, Mistress Hannah commands them to interact before the two girls spitroast the submissive male with their strapons. | :: Mistress Hannah visits her favourite rubber dolls, the Rubber Sisters, and joins in the heavy latex fun in the gummi clinic. Whatever the diagnosis, there's only one treatment… an exhilarating orgasm!



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